Benefits Of Membership

What are the benefits of EEIG Membership?
  • Making use of all products and services provided and offered by the EEIG,
  • Contacting with the strong contacts the EEIG has in many European Unioncountries and countries in overseas and the possibility of direct contact to the EU authorities and to governments of all states thanks to the good reputation of our organization,
  • Great potential of finding new business contacts and to intensify existing relations,
  • The Central Office for the EEIG is able to give support in nearly all business matters (e.g. by know-how, management and staff training, launching of new products, solutions in difficult matters, raising of funds for selected projects, etc.),
  • Receiving information on all new developments by the EEIG Newsletters, Business Bulletin (in preparation), professional meetings, workshops and congresses, etc,
  • Supporting of the manufacturers and producers in markets and tenders of Europe and other countries (if the products meet International and European standards),
  • Assisting businessmen in their projects by providing financial support via international and private financial funds in Europe and other countries (the proposed projects must meet International and European standards),
  • Assisting businessmen to participate at high-level conferences, seminars, forums and tenders.
  • Member companies can be linked to the website of EEIG ( ) which provides them with the opportunities of EEIG on a special portal.
  • We provide these services only for our members, social responsibility programs and for companies recommended by our partners of non-profitable origin.
What are the benefits of EEIG Honorary Functionaries?
  • Honorary functionaries may become the head of one of the 22 committees of European Economic Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry of Turkey;
  • The EEIG functionaries receive Member documents of the international sample: «Certification of the Delegate of the European Economic Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry»;
  • Functionaries of EEIG can take part in international events of the EEIG;
  • Honorary functionaries have all the rights to benefit from the whole services available for the Chamber members.