Purchases on Tenders Basis
European Economic Chamber provides information about tenders in Europe, it also assists in seeking reliable foreign partners for taking part in the auctions holding abroad. 
European Economic Chamber, besides providing information about world’s patents which may be purchased at the developers, it also assists in finding reliable foreign partners for various companies to implement their own patents
European Economic Chamber besides providing information about ready-business (franchise) which can be purchased at developers (international companies), it also assists in seeking reliable foreign partner for companies to implement their own franchise projects.
Conference & Exhibition
European Economic Chamber organizes conferences and exhibitions in accordance with the calendar of events. Each member of the EEIG is invited to the conference, according to the directions of its activities, and may also apply for a statement. Thematic of the conferences, which are held under the auspices of the European Economic Chamber, corresponds with the spirit of the time, focused on high technology, innovation and environmental protection.
Trainings under the auspices of the European Economic Chamber are conducted by using systemic approach. Before deciding what materials should be included in training, specialist produces departure to the company, carries out a preliminary assessment of the management system, testing, personnel and quality control. After the training, application of new knowledge into practice is monitored. Our approach determines the improvement of productivity over a long period of time, allowing you to reduce costs and increase the revenues of the business.
Specialists, certified by the European Economic Chamber, conduct trainings on the following areas:
  • Export organization;
  • Investment management;
  • Personal effectiveness;
  • Communications;
  • Effective sales;
  • Distribution;
  • Maintenance and service;
  • Specialized training.