Procedural Information

Turkish and foreign commercial and non-commercial organizations, as well as individual entrepreneurs and individuals can be appointed as Members of EEIG. 

Companies in certain branches of industry, trade, science, education, culture and services can receive the status of «Official Service Partner of European Economic Chamber». In this case admission to members of chamber becomes an obligation. 
Individuals can be accepted to the «Working committees» of the EEIG. Chairmen and members of committees operate on a voluntary base and receive the status of honorary functionaries. 
Admission to the EEIG is possible only if there are available letters of recommendation from two members of the European Economic Chamber. 
Foreign organizations, businesses and individuals are encouraged to participate in the work of the Chamber on a par on the equal status with Turkish organizations, businesses and individuals.  
Delegates/functionaries who are suspected of having infringed upon the principles and rules of the European Economic Chamber or having offended against the law, will be immediately relieved of their status.