Personal Background

Dr.Kerim ALIRIZA was born in Nakhchivan AR, the Republic of Azerbaijan. He graduated from Leningrad Financial-Economy Institute named after N.A.Vosnesenski and Azerbaijan State Economic University (Control and Analyze of Agricultural Activity Specialization).

Dr.Kerim Alirıza’ya work experience covers the scopes of: 1997-2007 years

  • Customs for more than 10 years at different positions

  • At “Karvan-K” Agro Complex Company in the position of Vice-chairman; as an Economical adviser for “Karvan-K” Complex Company 

  • As a Teacher at “Organization of Customs Affairs” chair, Azerbaijan State Economics University.

A dissertator (correspondence candidate) at Azerbaijan State Economic University; made researches on “Regulation of Azerbaijan Economic Relations Customs Rate” subject. He has defended scientific researches on “International Economic Relations” and he is the author of 9 scientific works on this subject. In 2008 he was granted with “candidate of economic sciences” academic degree by the Superior Attestation Committee, Azerbaijan Republic President. In 2010 Dr.Kerim Alirıza was appointed as the President of Central Office for the EU Integration, Turkey, by the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry EEIG.

In November, 2012, Dr.Kerim Alirıza was appointed as the Speaker of the Board of Directors and Chief Coordinating Officer by the Board of Directors of European Economic Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry, EEIG. 

In 28th of September 2013, Dr. Kerim Alirıza was selected by members of the Board as the successor Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive after  Prof. Dr. Heinz Helmut Vejpustek. Dr. Kerim Alirıza started working under his new title beginning from February 20, 2014 when the aforesaid decision was published in the Official Gazette of the Kingdom of Belgium.