Consumer Policy in digital age themed eu consumer summit was held on 1st April 2014 with the participation of  EEIG CEO & President for Representation for Turkey Dr. Kerim Alirıza. The summit consissted of 3 sessions. The first session was about the EU digital consumer, National experiences and practices,positive developments about social media and internet. The participants of first session were consumer policy commissioner neven mimica, Ministers of EU states and topic related executives. The second session was about the challenges and advantageous in digital age.The participants of this part were MEP, IMCO committee uk chairman Malcolm Harbour, general director of digital europe John Higgins , UK President of competition and market authority lord David Currie. In general, consumer safety in online shopping, consumer rights,the risk of shoppings ,legal challenges, the possibility of being stolen of personel data was talked about. Allowed for questions and answers in the third and final session. Consequently, the all positive and negative sides of digital age commerce, All legal,economic and social dimensions were disscussed .How can all states benefit from the positive sides of the commerce and what will be done for getting rid of the negative sides of the commerce were all brought to table.ı